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February 2021

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Stamp Duty holiday to be extended to end of June 2021

Stamp Duty holiday to be extended to end of June 2021 Big news coming from the government.  Rishi Sunak is preparing to extend the stamp duty holiday by three months until the end of June in an attempt to keep the property market firing, this is to enable the catch up from the significant delays from conveyances, due to the current restrictions.  In July last year the government exempted most...

Council to spend £4.5 million in Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan

Buckinghamshire council has committed £4.5M of capital funding investment to help improve both public spaces in line with the principles set out in the recently published Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan. As part of the Stage Three Engagement, the council are offering the opportunity for you to come and discuss the ideas in a series of online zoom meetings where they will share...

Stamp Duty Holiday Debate!

The petition to extend the Stamp Duty Holiday for an additional 6 months after 31st March 2021 - HAS HAPPENED  WATCH the debate below! https://youtu.be/Um-jHiqglLwThe government's written response from December 2020 is below.An e-petition was created and received over 140,000 signatures to discuss the possibilities of extending due to the current climate. Watch the video now...

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