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The ULTIMATE moving home checklist

estate agents aylesbury, houses for sale in Aylesbury
estate agents aylesbury, houses for sale in Aylesbury

The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist UK

Selling your property and moving into a new home is both an exciting and anxious time. There’s copious amounts of paperwork, lots of forward-planning, and logistical challenges to overcome. One of the best ways to ensure it all runs smoothly is to have a moving home checklist to ensure you’re covered every step of the way.

Estate Agents In Aylesbury

As well as covering all your pressing questions like ‘how much is an estate agent’ and ‘how long does it take to complete’, in this feature we cover the essential legal and key points, as one of the leading online estate agents in Aylesbury.

With the recent turn of events, Buckinghamshire has proven a popular hotspot for Londoners looking to move to the countryside within commuting distance. As such, there has never been a better time to consider moving to the area.

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  1. Making the decision to move

There are many reasons why you might want to move; an ever-expanding family or possibly to downsize, for a greater work-life balance or maybe to retire, for a larger or smaller property, to relocate for a job, or perhaps to enjoy the quintessential British countryside. Whatever the motivation, there are numerous houses for sale in Aylesbury on the market waiting to be snapped up!

Once you’ve made the decision to move house, you need to get your finances in order to understand what you can afford, this includes:

  • Understand what mortgage you require and how you can stretch to
  • Consider if you will need to take out a loan for any work or maintenance
  • How much is left on your current mortgage and are there any redemption charges or otherwise?
  • Calculate removal costs and other charges involved, such as solicitor fees and stamp duty

You will also need to think about your new house requirements. What you’re not willing to budge on (e.g., distance to the train station, outdoor parking, amount of bedrooms) and areas you are willing to compromise on.  And of course, you will need to decide on the area too.

Many homeowners wonder what to do first – buy a new home or sell their current one. In most circumstances, homeowners tend to start looking for properties once they put their house on the market. While there is no wrong or right approach, it may be beneficial to sell your house first, as it puts you in a stronger buying position.

Research the area carefully and take a mooch around to see if you could imagine living in the new neighbourhood. You might decide to move locally, since there are plenty of houses for sale in Aylesbury to suit all budgets and tastes.

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2. How to sell your house

So, you’ve made the decision to uproot and you’re ready to put your house on the market – what next?

This is the stage where you need to find the right estate agents for you. Increasingly, homeowners are moving towards online estate agents as a reliable, secure, and affordable way to sell their property.

Online estate agents have the advantage of a quick turnaround, offering 24 hour online viewings and valuations to get your house sale moving quickly. It is widely considered the modern way to market your property, especially since going online is the default option with digital technology making it easier than ever before.

You might wonder how much is an estate agent? Typically, high street estate agents charge 1.3% (plus VAT), We Sold It charge much less, as we don’t have expensive premises to pay for so we are able to pass those savings onto you – we have marketing packages starting at just £99!

Each agency has its own costs which will vary, so be sure to discuss these in advance and understand the payment terms involved too.

Here’s a checklist of areas to consider:

  • Find an estate agent who knows the area and can offer you a realistic valuation
  • Agree prices, costs and fee payment schedules
  • Understand who will photograph the property, are they to professional standard? This is ABSOLUTELY KEY, as first impressions really do count.
  • Agree on an asking price that reflects the market conditions, and put a strategy in place for accepting and declining offers
  • Understand if you will need to display a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your property
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3. How to prepare for home viewings

As well as looking for new properties to buy in Aylesbury, you will need to find a buyer for your home at the same time. To make this as swift and easy as possible, there’s a few ways to encourage a quick sale.

First and foremost, clean and tidy your house, ridding it of clutter. The new tenants will want to imagine themselves in the property so keeping it as ‘canvas’ like as possible will help them visualise living there. On that note, it may help to remove photographs or anything personal.

Try and look at your house with fresh eyes, giving it a lick of paint or tidy where needed. Pet owners in particular should pay extra attention to bad odours, or hairs left by four-legged friends.

Houses for sale in Aylesbury tend to sell the dream of country living. Therefore, put lots of beautiful flowers and plants on display, make sure the garden is neat and tidy, and maybe have the fire lit up to give a cosy feel. Some sellers have been known to bake fresh bread to create an appealing atmosphere.

If you feel that your property is let down by your furnishings, an insider tip is to hire luxury furnishings and jazz the property up to wow visitors – this is known as ‘home staging’ in the industry. Centrepiece chandeliers, chaise lounges and natural lighting can all make a difference and help sell your property faster and for more money.

estate agents Aylesbury

4. Receiving an offer and the legal bit

Once you formally accept an offer on your property, We Sold It will deal with all negotiations and administration around it, which also includes taking the property off the market.

The next step is to appoint a conveyancer, after which there’s a fair bit of paperwork to complete. This includes; the general information form, a form including the fixtures and fittings, and a form which sets out the arrangements for the handing over of the property.

You will also need to produce an energy performance certificate, which your local property agent can help with if you don’t have one to offer.

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 5. Contracts, exchange and completion

It’s the most exciting part on your moving home checklist, and also the most tense, since nothing is certain until contracts are exchanged.

Keep in mind that it usually takes around 12 weeks to go from accepting an offer to completion, sometimes even longer if you’re in a large chain.

During this time, an independent house survey takes place, which can sometimes result in a re-negotiation of the price if any issues are found.

Upon competition of the paperwork, both parties are formally committed to moving. With contracts exchanged, a completion date tends to be agreed, usually within 30 days. This is the formal date when the property changes ownership, the keys are handed over and payments are made.

Completion check list

  • Contracts agreed and exchanged
  • Completion date agreed
  • Finances prepared for the acquisition
  • Move-in date discussed

Now the fun begins!

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6. Updating contacts and suppliers

Now you’re officially  moving, it’s time to prepare for the big day. The days and weeks ahead are a great time to update your contacts, starting with utility suppliers.

Inform your water, electricity and gas suppliers, as well as broadband suppliers, so they know when you’re leaving the property. You might find a ‘moving home notebook’ helpful to keep all your notes.

This is a good place to write down final meter readings before you move out – some people take photos too. It’s worth informing your suppliers as early as possible, as the switch over may take a few weeks. It is also worth checking that you can transfer (if you choose to) to the new property.

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7. The big clear out

During this interim period of moving is the perfect time to clear out your home. Use the opportunity to be ruthless with what you want to throw away, what you want to take with you, and what can be given to charity shops or online sites for free give away.

This will save you time and money in terms of removal fees, storage and moving.

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8. How to find a removal agency?

When looking at how to sell your house in Aylesbury you might have come across removal agencies. These are always worth jotting in your moving home notebook for reference. If you haven’t come across any, check with friends and family for their recommendations. When in doubt, the British Association of Removers can offer suggestions within your area.

Before you approach a removal agency, it’s good to have an idea of how much you plan to move and what your budget is like. They should also be able to advise on how many boxes you need and any particularly organisation or label required.

Some home owners sell their sofas, tables (etc) to the new homeowners, in other circumstances they are thrown away to make way for a new version, or otherwise they are transferred to the new property. All these decisions will impact on how much removal support you’ll need.

One important factor to keep in mind is to make sure your valuables are in a secure place. It is certainly worth keeping valuables like jewellery, heirlooms, laptops and passports on your person, if practical.

When it comes to packing, here’s a few tips:

  • The earlier you start packing, the better
  • Invest in small plastic bags and tape and secure nuts, bolts and loose bits to furniture so they don’t go AWOL
  • Pay close attention to fragile items, making sure they are secure
  • Label each box by its NEW room
  • Buy lots of spare lightbulbs for the new property

9. Moving with pets

Don’t forget your beloved pets on your moving home checklist! With pet ownership at an all-time high, it’s important to think about how your fury friends will transition during this stressful time.

Many cats and dogs find moving house stressful, particularly if there’s lots of loud noises and work taking place . It may therefore be a good idea to book them into a kennel or cattery until you’re moved in, or until at least any major work is completed.

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 10. Update your contact book

Closer to your moving date, you will want to update the rest of your contacts and suppliers with your new address. This will ensure that bills are sent to the right place, along with cards, correspondence and other important communication. It will also ensure that your details remain up to date and you are not liable for any costs incurred (such as council tax) when you move house.

Here’s what you need to cover:

  • Your council
  • Schools
  • Doctors and dentist
  • Your bank, credit card, pension and insurance companies
  • Your work
  • TV licence
  • DVLA
  • Friends and family

On that note, don’t forget to update your address on invoices, Apps, and on websites you may frequently use, such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Uber, and supermarket home delivery.

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11. Moving out and moving in!

You’ve come a long way. After the weeks and months of anticipation and from the very early days of wondering how to sell your house, the big day is here!

While some online estate agents provide customers with a ‘new starter’ gift pack, you’ll want to revert back to yourmoving home checklist to ensure all the key points are covered.

So, without further ado, here is our final checklist for your handover day and your first week in the property:

  • Receive keys
  • Get an orientation from your estate agent – this includes how to use the boiler, heating, hob, stove, burglar alarm, etc
  • Get the new house professionally cleaned
  • Take the meter readings
  • Check any snagging or work to undertake
  • Have your ‘day one’ essentials in one easy to reach place (toilet roll, snacks, water, etc)
  • Register with local council and doctors

Wesoldit.co.uk are a leading estate agent in Aylesbury. Get in touch today for your own up to date home valuation.

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